About us

Sleek - Professional - Quality - Fun!  

Born in 2006 in the Capital City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Rewind is known for delivering a fun and energetic show that appeals to groups of ALL ages!

Hire the experts:

Rewind engages audiences, getting your guests on the dance floor with our interactive show and wide variety of music. If you want your event to stand out, you need an experienced band that has stood the test of time and knows how to make your event the absolute best it can be.  Performing 90+ events per year with an average of 60 weddings per year, we have the experience it takes put to your event into the next stratosphere!

The Line Up:

Consisting of a full 3 piece horn section, male & female vocalists, & the funkiest rhythm section around.  

Ask about our additional services:  

1) Wedding ceremony music (live and recorded music options) - Click here
2) Rewind Second Line Brass Band (for parades - weddings, corporate parties, Mardi Gras Balls) - Click here
3) Rewind Jazz combo  (perfect for cocktail hours or dinner parties) - Click here
4) DJ services (for various types of events and parties)
5) Microphone and sound system services (for wedding ceremonies, corporate events, charitable events, etc.)

When you book Rewind for your event, you get our additional services at special rates!

Our Reputation

Committed to providing reliable, quality entertainment, with great customer service.  Our number one goal is always to ensure your event is a home run! 

The Band

Consisting of 9 professional musicians, including a 3 piece horn section and the grooviest rhythm section in the land!  With three male vocalists and one female vocalist, you won't get tired of hearing the same voice all night long. 

Musicians/Instrument List - Trumpet, Trombone, Tenor Saxophone/Female Vocals, Drums/Male Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar/Tuba, Keyboard/Male Vocals, Lead Male Vocals/Front Man. 

The Sound

The band's sound is a melting pot of grooves. Heavily influenced by the unique sounds of New Orleans mixed with the funky rhythms of the King of Pop - Michael Jackson, as well as influences from Stevie Wonder and Tower of Power. Throw in a healthy dose of Gospel soul, and a dash of the classic greats like Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong and you've got Rewind. The band creates unforgettable moments that'll leave you wanting more. 

The Show

Our interactive vocalists and horns bring fun and hype to every show. We keep audiences engaged throughout the show, which means your guests will stay at your event longer.  

Our musicians know how to watch the audience and adjust accordingly for all types of events, venues, and audiences.

Public concert venues and restaurants love Rewind because their audiences always have a GREAT time listening and dancing to the band. Gives the venue a good reputation for having quality live music and it keeps them coming back for more!

For weddings and other private events, the band likes to ease in with lighter music at the beginning of the evening while guests are eating and mingling. Then build up to a high energy blow out as the night progresses!  

Rewind plays a wide variety of music to suit any event/venue/age group. 
Musical genres include, but are not limited to: Top 40/Pop, Funk, Motown/Soul, Rap, New Orleans Jazz, Rock, Country, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's...etc.  
Check out our song list.

Equipment & Production

Rewind is self contained, owning and providing all of their own professional grade sound equipment/PA, stage lighting, and musical instruments. The band also has a lighting technician and a top-notch sound engineer who mixes the band.

Please contact us if you are a venue and you need a stage plot/input list.

Additional Services

Ask about our additional services:  

1. Ceremony musicans and sound/microphone services

2. Second Line Brass Band - for New Orleans style parades

3. Jazz Combo - for dinner parties and cocktail hours

4. Uplighting/room lighting rentals