Aisles & Dance floors



Wedding aisles: 

Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Particularly if you're having an outdoor wedding, our flooring is ideal for your walk down the aisle. Not only does it look great, but it serves a very important function too. If you'll be walking on grass, sand, or other uneven surfaces, you really need something solid to walk on. If you or your bridesmaids are wearing heels, it will be especially difficult to take that ever  important walk. Avoid getting your heels stuck in the grass (believe us, we've seen it happen and it's not pretty). Have us install a beautiful aisle instead.

Sound Systems and Microphones:

Offering wireless lapel mics and handheld mics on stands for your ceremony needs. We can also provided recorded music for your ceremony.

Dance Floor Rentals

sleek White

Our beautiful white dance floor with light gray trim is perfect for any event. It comes in 3'X3' tiles and be customized to fit your event space. Can be placed on sand, grass, and concrete.

Significant discounts available.