Up-lighting rentals


Set the mood

Two things set the mood for any event, warm lighting and good music. Luckily, we offer both!

From warm pinks to amber tones...even black light, our uplights can create just about any color you can dream up.

Housed in a sleek white casing to blend in perfectly with any decor. 

*Significant rental discounts available for those who book Rewind for their event.

Did you know?

The majority of uplighting rentals available consist of RGBA LED lightbulbs, which means the lights tend to be more dull and offer fewer color choices.  Our uplights offer HEX LED bulbs, which means you have the most color choices available to match any decor (including black lights!) and the most beautiful and vibrant colors available on the market.  Create a fun funky vibe for a Mardi Gras Ball or go for something more elegant and subtle for a wedding!  The possibilities are endless! 



Uplighting features:

  • Wireless (can put them just about anywhere)

  • Wifi enabled for quick and easy color changes

  • High grade HEX LED lights

    • (HEX LED lighting gives off the most vibrant colors and gives you the most color choices available on the market)

  • Choose any desired color(s) including black light

  • Encased in a beautiful white metal housing to blend in with any décor

  • Indoor use only




  • Book Rewind Band for your event, and rent Uplighting for only $250 extra (lighting for one room, just about any size – up to 24 lights!)

Standard rental rates (for Baton Rouge and surrounding areas):

  • 4 lights = $100

  • 8 lights = $200

  • 12 lights = $300

  • 16 lights = $400

  • 20 lights = $500

  • 24 lights = $600

*All rental rates include set up and tear down in the price.

**Please contact us for rental rates if your event is outside of the Baton Rouge area.